Cameras, batteries and many photographic accessories are not biodegradable, and the fact that many consumers are trading “up” to new superior technologies for taking photos we are encouraging people to clean up their homes, dig out these old cameras from their drawers and bring them to us for recycling.”

Over 90% of the plastics and metals in cameras, batteries and accessories can be recovered and used as raw materials to make new products such as stainless steel, plastic park benches, plastic fence posts, garden edging, tree spikes and much, much more. Cameras may also contain small amounts of potentially hazardous substances which, if not handled correctly at the end of their lives, can harm the environment.

The Camera Recycle Australia initiative allows us to prevent cameras, batteries and accessories ending up in landfill where they can cause pollution by slowly breaking down and leaking chemicals into the surrounding soil. By recycling them, you protect the environment and assist manage the environmental impacts in a socially responsible manner.”